.../innovation and digitilization

Innovation and digitization lie at the heart of cantreva 's corporate culture and success. Every year, we allocate significant resources to research and development, improving existing products and processes and inventing, integrating and marketing a wide range of new proprietary technologies that solve unique problems for clients across the industries we serve.

Examples of our recent innovations:

New lightweight screw type pile foundation system
·(application flexibility, quick installation and low cost)
New structural support system for photovoltaic plants
·(quick installation and low cost}
New electrical switching components for PV plants
·(increased performance ratio)
New pilling foundation system for WTGs
·{quick installation and low cost)

Innovation has helped us improve project efficiency with results that are faster, safer, cost effective and more improved than ever before. Along with digitization and automation, it becomes instrumental in optimizing our business models and services, making them more agile and proactive. Innovation and digitalization will continue illuminating the path to a brighter, more sustainable future, bringing value to our clients along the way.

Examples of recent digitalization in our processes:

Secure cloud-based databases
·(remote, global, redundant and secure data availability)
Digitally guided earthworks e.g. via GPS data integration
·(precision in execution and resources optimization)
·Automated installation works e.g. PV supports’ pilling
·(precision and speed of works. Note: under R&D)
Online business process collaboration platformsintegration
·(remote process governance and project management)