.../sustainability and related achievements since 2010

The integrated approach to environmental, social & economic impact issues (internal and external) leads to long term, sustainable profit growth.

health and safety OHSAS-18001 certified
  Zero fatal accidents
  > 1.000 safety behavior observations leading to best practices
> 2.500.000 work hours without serious accidents
environmental impact
ISO-14001 certified
  Zero environmental breaches
  > 500 environmental behavior observations
  > 85% of excavated material beneficiary recycled and/or resused
relative CO2 improvement
  26% relative CO2 reduction
  35% CO2 saving during construction against baseline emissions
anti-corruption principles
  > 45 managers trained in anticorruption principles
labor principles
  > 25 managers trained in labor principles
equal opportunities
  > 60 university student trainees
  > 75 new hirings directly upon degree conclusion
  > 65 machinery operators attended skill improvement courses
  > 100 employees attended safe driving training courses
  > 90% of all personnel annually trained in HSE
procurement responsibility
  > 65% of vendors evaluated and registered in compliance portal
  BoD commitment to sponsor community actions